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Digital Voice Recorders

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The VN-741PC is the latest model in the very popular and affordable Olympus VN series, boasting an easy to use design with a built-in stand to simplify operation, whilesimultaneously adding features to deliver greater performance.

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The WS series established for its clear audio quality and superb operability has been improved. The new WS-853 features a new Intelligent Auto Mode, which is perfect for when there is a distance between the speakers and recorder, such as in large meeting rooms. The...

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Olympus DS-2500 Digital Voice Recorder - Give efficiency a lift in your workplace with the attractively styled, metal-bodied Olympus DS-2500 digital dictation device. Ideal for all busy professionals, this powerful tool lets dictations and notes be taken both at the desk and on the go...

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The VN-7800 can be used for a variety of purposes including recording memos, recording practices and classes, and creating minutes. The clear sound quality ensures this model is easy to use even for users who have never used a digital recorder before. Various enhancements have...

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The DM-720 includes high quality features packed into an efficient, smart body. Equipped with an easy-to-use interface, editing functions that extend audio use, and various playback functions, this recorder provides outstanding practicality and reliability to support your business needs.

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Olympus RS-28H FootswitchThe RS-28H footswitch allows hands-free dictation with DS-5000iD / DS-5000 together with the docking cradle CR-10, or with DS-4000 and DS-2500 together with the docking cradle CR-3A. Using the footswitch, 'Record', 'Play', 'Stop', 'Reverse', 'Save' and 'Create New File' can be controlled.

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RS-31 Footswitch. The footswitch permits hands free control of Olympus transcription software. Via the footswitch Record, Play, Stop, Reverse, Save and Create New File can be controlled. It provides 4 buttons while the center and top padle are lockable on demand.
Digital Voice Recorders